Mother's Boyfriend Charged In Death Of 3-Year-Old Broken Arrow Boy

Friday, August 14th 2015, 5:26 pm

Prosecutors filed child abuse murder charges against a Broken Arrow man accused of beating to death a 3-year-old boy.

The little boy was, according to court records, severely beaten with a head injury that doctors suspected was child abuse.

Now, police are on the lookout for Jon Brandon Scarce

While this is by far the most serious accusation against Scarce, he's got a trail of accusations that include domestic and animal abuse.

The case took a week to develop, after 3-year-old Chance Trepp was taken to Saint Francis Hospital where doctors found a fractured skull, bleeding around his brain and in his eyes along with extensive bruises on his face.

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The boy died three days after he was brought to the hospital. Now police are looking for Scarce, who had connections to the child through an old relationship.

Scarce was previously arrested for violating a protective order filed by an ex-girlfriend. She said Scarce beat and eventually killed her cat and sent her the pictures to prove it.

She posted the pictures on Facebook trying to drum up support to get prosecutors to go after him.

That was back in April, and since then she's told authorities he's continued making threats against her.

In May of last year, he faced charges for assault for hitting another woman twice in the face. She needed medical attention and he eventually pled guilty to the misdemeanor charge.

In 2012, Scarce’s wife got a protective order, claiming he had beaten her head on the floor and threatened their children. It started a three-year pattern of legal troubles that now include a murder charge.

One of his former girlfriends said she's gone into hiding, but said she's spent the last year warning anyone she could that Scarce might be dangerous.

Police are hoping to get him in custody soon.