Wagoner County Woman Mauled, Killed By Dogs Identified

Friday, July 24th 2015, 2:25 pm
By: News On 6

Neighbors in the small town of Red Bird were stunned to hear a woman was violently attacked by a pack of dogs, just feet away from their homes.

Friday afternoon, deputies said 68-year-old Carolyn Sue Lamp of Coweta was killed when three dogs attacked her in the Wagoner County town, just southeast of Coweta.

A neighbor saw the attack and tried to save her by running off the dogs and getting her water, but sadly it wasn’t enough to save her.

Wagoner County Sheriff Bob Colbert said Lamp parked her car and was walking down Main Street in Red Bird, collecting cans from a ditch when the three dogs came running up to her.

"It's a tragedy this had to happen on a terrible hot day, this lady is out walking trying to make some extra money and gets mauled by a pack of dogs," he said.

A man saw the attack and tried to help by getting the dogs away and bringing her water, but she was so violently mauled that there was nothing that could be done.

Colbert said he doesn't believe the dogs are wild.

"I'm sure no one is going to claim ownership of them now, but our investigation will continue, and we will present our findings to the district attorney and see if there will be any charges," he said.

He said one looked to be a pit-bull mix and he wasn't sure of the other two.

Colbert said dogs are a big problem in the area and, unfortunately, the sheriff's office can't help with animal control.

According to state law, an animal control officer is only assigned to areas with a population of over 250,000, so small towns like Red Bird have no one to call.

"Most sheriffs I know would provide a deputy and animal control officer, and I know our commissioners would to if the state law were changed," Colbert said.

What's even more tragic is that Lamp tried to help the very same dogs that took her life, according to the sheriff.

"I know this lady stopped a year ago and offered to feed these same dogs that attacked and killed her today," he said.

The dogs are now being held at the Coweta Animal Shelter as the investigation continues.

Some neighbors said there was a fourth dog involved in the attack and they fear it's still running lose.