80-Year-Old Tulsa Robbery Victim Happy To Survive

Monday, June 8th 2015, 7:41 pm
By: News On 6

An 80-year-old man was robbed outside his home by a pair of guys who were later found in a stolen truck.

Herbert Brown, 80, was working in his garage when two men pulled up and asked him to check under their hood for a leak, so he did.

"The one standing here walked around behind me and throwed his arm around my neck and pulled me down backward, let me down on the ground, didn't throw me on the ground, like, to hurt me, he was pretty cautious, he actually was. The other one grabbed my right arm and grabbed my wallet," he said.

Although pretty scared, Herbert still memorized the tag number on the truck and went into the house to tell his daughter what just happened.

"Debbie, Debbie, come out here. I've been robbed," he said.

Police located one of the suspects not too far away and said the truck was stolen. Officers said they even found Herbert's wallet on the ground, although it was missing a few things.

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"All my credit cards were gone. Got my driver's license back, and my QT card to pump gas, and got my hunting and fishing license back," Herbert said. "No, not the cash, I had $131 in there."

Herbert said he worried for a few minutes during the robbery that, after 80 years of living, was the way he was going to go out. He said all he could think about was the things he still wants to do.

"One thing I want. I've got seven great grandbabies and I want one great-great,” he said with a laugh. “I love my family, man, I love my family."

Herbert said he's just glad they didn't break his arm or use a weapon.

Thankfully, he was able to recover his hearing aid from the dirt later. Herbert said he's not going to let this keep him from living his life.

Police are still looking for one of the suspects.