Tulsa Pro Motorcycle Racer Takes Final Ride With Family, Friends

Friday, March 27th 2015, 6:42 pm

The life of a professional Tulsa motorcycle racer -- who was at the top of his sport -- is being celebrated. Dane Westby was killed when he crashed his motorcycle on Peoria, just north of Cherry Street Monday night.

His parents shared their story with News On 6 before they laid their son to rest Friday.

His family says Dane Westby was free spirit who was full of life - always looking for his next adventure.

Their pain is great, but their pride for Dane is even greater.

Their bond was unbreakable: Tryg Westby and his son Dane.

"Said, 'I'm gonna be like dad, I'm gonna be a racer,'" said Tryg Westby, Dane's dad.

"We just hung together, like glue, him and I."

Dane was his dad's hero: his only son, his best friend.

"He thinks I made him, but he really made me, is how I feel about it. He made me cool. I was just dad, I was the old guy; he was the guy. I'll never forget him.

Like Steve McQueen, Tryg says, Dane was cool without even trying.

"There's nobody like him. There's nobody like him. It'll take forever for me to get over this," said Tryg Westby.

Dane was a world-class professional road racer, like his dad once was.

"This is where he got his second place at Daytona with those leathers," his father said.

He was gearing up for one of the best seasons of his career - with a big sponsorship, and the perfect mix of both mom and dad to help get him there.

"He was going to the top; it was because of his mom. He got his riding ability from me, but his will to win from his mom," Tryg said.

Dane was a skilled rider, known as The Wolverine out on the track.

"He had a lot of fun with that because he had the sideburns, but really it was like he was as fierce as a Wolverine out there on the asphalt," said Scarlett Westby, Dane's sister.

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But on the city streets, his sister says, Dane was cautious, which makes understanding how died in a crash with a utility pole in midtown almost impossible.

"For me, it doesn't matter. I know he's gone. And it doesn't matter," said Jane, his mom.

Dane took his final ride Friday afternoon - only this time, in a motorcycle hearse with line of friends, family, and fans leading him home. He was buried in his racing gear.

"I thought to myself, I guess he had to die cause God needed someone to show him how to do the keyhole in mid-Ohio or turn five at Barbar - maybe that's why," Tryg said.

Even though this is the worst day of their lives, Dane's parents celebrate, knowing their son taught them how to live.

"I'm filled with joy because I was his mother," said Jane Westby, Dane's mother. 

"He taught me how to live a good life.He always wanted to have a great adventure. Every day. Every minute."

Just before the crash, Dane had dinner with his family, a final memory they'll cherish forever.

“He had on his helmet with the chicken in the top hat on it, and I petted it and he gave me a hug and said I'm coming by later,” his mom said. “Oh yes, I got the 'I love you,' so it was really a wonderful gift.”

Police are still investigating Dane's crash but say he was wearing a helmet.

His family has been out to the crash scene several times and say they're certain he crashed trying to avoid something in his way.