Man Dead In Muskogee Officer-Involved Shooting

Saturday, January 17th 2015, 6:34 pm
By: News On 6

A man has died in an officer-involved shooting Muskogee on Saturday afternoon, authorities have confirmed.

It reportedly began as a disturbance between an armed man and his girlfriend, according to Muskogee police.

The woman was at a wedding inside the Old Agency Baptist Church when the man, who police say threatened to kill her in the past, called her and asked her to step outside.

Terence D. Walker, 21, has been identified as the man killed.

A police spokesperson at the scene initially said officers confronted Walker and began to pat him down for weapons, but he ran away, dropped a gun and reached to pick it up. Later Cpl. Mike Mahan clarified, saying that an item fell from Walker's body, he reached to pick it up and turned toward the officer, forcing the officer to open fire. A loaded semi-automatic pistol was recovered near Walker's body, Mahan said.

A witness at the scene also told officers that just prior to the shooting, the suspect tried to hand the gun to her in an attempt to conceal the weapon from the officer but the witness refused to take the gun, Mahan said.

Old Agency Baptist Pastor AH Jones said the woman alerted him after the ceremony that her boyfriend was coming down to the church to shoot and kill her.

"The young lady was wanting to leave him... he didn't want to let her go," Jones said.

Jones says 100 people were attending the wedding and everyone, including police, tried to get the man to cooperate.

"The police [officer] didn't even raise his voice even talking to the young man," Jones said. "He never did [get] forceful with the young man... he really didn't."

A Muskogee city councilor sent the following statement to the media on Saturday, saying city leaders will hold a news conference on Sunday afternoon to discuss the shooting. Leaders told News On 6 they are standing with law enforcement until the investigation is complete.

"Local clergy are making a very conscious effort to work alongside law-enforcement to be certain that a thorough investigation is done and that all of the facts prevail ahead of any miss judgment towards police or any of the parties involved at this time," councilor Marlon Coleman said. "As clergy and leaders of the community come together, they are asking all residents to remain calm while the investigation continues. They are attempting to hold a press conference, Sunday, January 18 at 3 p.m., Martin Luther King. Jr. Community Center in Muskogee to reinforce a position of unity at this time and remind everyone to remain calm and not rush to conclusions. This Martin Luther King Jr. weekend is about peace and unity and will not be used as an opportunity to protest, but as an opportunity to bring our community together."

Police have not yet released the identity of the officer involved.