Tulsa Firefighter Saves 2 Year Old Found Unconscious In Hot Tub

Wednesday, August 13th 2014, 6:16 pm
By: Craig Day

A Green Country mom said a Tulsa firefighter is a hero after he saved her young son's life.

The off-duty firefighter was at his niece's birthday party, when one of the children was found in a hot tub - purple and with no pulse.

The two-year-old boy's mom said her son being alive is nothing short of a miracle.

Laughter from a two year old is one of the most joyous sounds in the world, but a birthday swimming party Simon Madison went to earlier this week, turned very serious, very quickly.

"Then I was looking around and I was like ‘where was Simon, I don't see him,’" said Simon’s mom, Heather Madison.

During the birthday party, Heather turned around for just a minute to help her four year old with something, and then she lost sight of Simon.

"It was very surreal, like this cannot be happening,” she said.

Simon was found unconscious in a hot tub.

"His whole body was purple, his lips were purple. He was just hanging there limp,” Heather said.

Simon wasn't breathing and didn't have a pulse, but thankfully, Quinn Wehlacz was there for his nieces' pool party; he's a Tulsa Firefighter.

"I could tell just by his color and how it was going that it wasn't good,” he said.

Wehlacz started CPR, and after a couple of minutes, Simon started breathing again. The firefighter kept Simon’s airway clear until emergency crews got there.

"In those types of situations, you tend to put everything else aside and just kind of react, and it's just kind of, you just resort back to what you know which is your training,” said Wehlacz.

Simon's mom said Wehlacz was in the right place at the right time.

"The only answer is that God was with us and he used Quinn and saved Simon's life,” Heather said.

Simon spent the night in the hospital, but he's doing just fine; laughing, and playing with his big brother, not realizing how close of a call he had.

"Being a fireman, it's little guys like that that don't quit on you and outcomes like that that keep you going,” said Wehlacz.

Heather said, "It's just a testament that we had God and angels with us the entire time.”

Simon won't have any long term effects from the near drowning. He's even already asking his mom to go to the pool again.