Dog Attack Sends Muskogee Man To Intensive Care

Wednesday, July 16th 2014, 5:33 pm
By: Craig Day

A vicious dog attack leaves a Muskogee man in intensive care. Two pit bulls ripped away at his face as he desperately tried to fight off the dogs. It took neighbors, with baseball bats and a shotgun, to finally get the dogs away.

We want to warn you, some of the images you'll see in the video are disturbing.

In his neighborhood on 9th Street in Muskogee, Glenn Boulet is known as the neighborhood grandpa, often watching his two grandchildren and other kids.

Monday evening, while walking on the sidewalk one house away, he was viciously attacked by two pit bulls. His family wants this graphic picture shown, so people know how violent the attack was.

"His nose and his mouth was all hanging over here. His ear was bit off a little bit," said the victim’s son, Glenn Boulet Jr.

When neighbors heard his cries for help, they came with baseball bats. When the bats didn't work, one went and got a shotgun. Only after shooting one of the dogs did the attack stop.

The quick action of the neighbors saved his life.

"The paramedics say if they hadn't got help, he would have been dead," said the victim’s daughter, Deniqua Boulet.

Boulet Jr. said, "Thank God he sent them to save my daddy."

Boulet was flown to a Tulsa hospital and is in critical condition. He's already had two surgeries and will face several more, but he is expected to survive.

"Everybody just keep praying for the families and keep praying for him because we don't know right now what's going to go," Deniqua said.

Boulet's family said they have nothing against pit bull dogs, but they said the two dogs that attacked him have been terrorizing people in the neighborhood for the past month. They said each time animal control came by, the owners would have the dogs inside the house.

Police said the owners are out of town now, but will likely face charges that could range from allowing an animal to run loose, to harboring a vicious animal.

Corporal Michael Mahan with the Muskogee Police, said, "It's by far probably one of the most vicious attacks I've seen in my career."

Both of the animals were shot and killed by animal control, one on scene, the other, which was first shot by a neighbor with a shotgun, was found 13 blocks away.