Tulsa Man Learns He Fathered Boy Reportedly Kept In Cage

Friday, March 28th 2014, 6:15 pm
By: News On 6

A man learns his son is at the center of a shocking child abuse case. Kevin Nelson says he just learned a few days ago he is the biological father of the boy who the Department of Human Services say was being kept in a wire dog cage.

He says he plans to fight for full custody of the 5 year old.

Nelson says he dated Suzanne Satterfield several years ago, but when they broke up, he had no idea she was pregnant. When DHS took Satterfield's son away from her in December because of the abuse allegations, the department looked for any potential family members to take him in.

That's when Nelson found a letter on his door that said he had a son.

When Kevin Nelson saw photos of a dog cage on the news and heard someone was arrested for keeping a 4-year-old boy in that cage up to 14 hours a day, he was outraged. When he learned that little boy was actually his flesh and blood, he was heartbroken.

"I'm upset. That somebody could do that to a child and now I find out it's my son. I want justice," Kevin Nelson said.

When DHS notified Nelson a couple of months ago he had a son, Nelson requested a DNA test.

He says the results just came back saying he is, indeed, the boy's father.

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"Okay, if it's mine, I'll take full responsibility and I want full custody," he said.

Kevin and his wife have two children, 1 and 3. He wants to fight for his new son and is hoping his tribe, the Eastern Shawnee, will help him.

He doesn't want the boy going back to his mother or step-father. Both are charged with abuse. Right now, Nelson doesn't even know what his now 5-year-old son looks like.

"I'm dying to see him and dying to meet him," he said. "I want to meet him bad."

Kevin says he will give his son a loving and safe home. He admits he's on probation for assault, a case he says was self defense. Records show it's his first and only felony conviction.

He says he's doing everything the courts asked him to do and is ready to care for his son.

"He has a great grandma the he doesn't even know, and she will take care of him and spoil him and buy him things," said Kevin Nelson, who found out he had a son after the boy entered the state system as an abused child.

Records show the boy's mother has three other children, seven and 14-year-old girls and a 6-month-old son.

DHS removed all four of the kids and placed them in foster care.

Reports show the kids are now healthier and doing well in school, although the boy at least, doesn't do well during his mother's supervised visits.