Green Country Teen Beating Odds After ATV Crash

Wednesday, March 19th 2014, 11:58 pm

An Oklahoma teenager who nearly died in an ATV accident is closer to home.

Christian Mayberry, 17, has been recovering in Tulsa for the past seven months, two hours away from his hometown of Muldrow.

Christian's story is really about beating the odds.

Last month, he was moved from a Tulsa hospital to a Tulsa rehab facility, where he has made such great strides that he moved again Wednesday, this time to Fort Smith, just a short drive from his front door.

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With each new day comes a brand new breakthrough.

"God is good," said Christian's mom, Kim. "It's what we've been praying and believing for all this time and knowing this day would come."

With every answered prayer, Christian's parents are right there cheering on their 6-foot-6 gentle giant.

"He's always had such a soft, soft, loving spirit," his mom said.

That spirit seemed to have vanished in an instant, when Christian suffered a severe brain injury in an ATV accident in September. The Sequoyah County District Attorney is investigating witness claims that someone else was driving the ATV the night of the crash.

Kim said her son was left clinging to life, alone in a ditch for hours, before anyone called for help.

"Just like God has provided everything else, I have no doubts and, I have no fear, that the truth is gonna be swept under the rug," said Kim. "I know the truth is gonna come out, it always does and it's no different here."

For nearly six months, Christian was basically bound to a hospital bed, awake, but unable speak. Doctors told his parents their son would likely live that way for the rest his life.

"We believe in the word of God and what his word says about healing, and we just were not going to be denied, plain and simple," Kim said.

The healing, his mom said, happened overnight. It started with Christian lifting his head, then it was a hug and finally, a kiss on the most appropriate day of the year.

"He has not stopped kissing us since," she said. "But it was just amazing and I'll never get over the fact it was on Valentines Day."

And just like that, the tender soul his mother longed for so much is slowly surfacing.

"We're just gonna see a lot more miracles until we completely have our boy back," Kim said.

With some help, Christian can now stand and he's even speaking again.

"He'll say things that make total sense," Kim said. "Someone will be introduced to him and he'll say 'very nice to meet you.' The other night I was getting ready to leave and, besides telling me goodbye and he loved me, he says, ‘be careful.' He's always saying the appropriate things."

Christian's improvements are so remarkable; he was moved Wednesday to Methodist Health & Rehab in Fort Smith, just 20 minutes away from his house in Muldrow.

While his dad will stay with him around the clock, his mom gets to sleep at home for the first time since September, although it won't be home until Christian's there with her.

"I know people think, ‘Yay! They're going home, how wonderful,' and it is to a degree, but it's also very hard to think about," his mom said. "I'm gonna be walking in his room still every day, and no, he's not gone and he will be back, but it's still hard."

Since his accident, Christian has garnered support from thousands of people, who are following his journey through the Pray For Mayberry Facebook page.

"There's been so many people who have done so many beautiful things for us and are still doing things for us that have made it possible for us to be away from home, just giving us such love and support and just really thank everyone that, all the family, friends and complete strangers," Kim said.

A run, benefiting Christian and his family, will be held Saturday, April 26 at the Muldrow VFW Post #8384. Registration information for the Miracle for Mayberry 5K can be found the Pray for Mayberry Facebook page.