Woodward Motorcycle Shop Recognized Around The World

Thursday, February 13th 2014, 11:50 pm
By: Craig Day

Some of the most incredible custom motorcycles anywhere, are made right here in Oklahoma.

The owner of Covington's Cycle City said they enjoy creating the custom bikes so much, if they weren't doing it to make a living, they'd be building bikes anyway.

To most people passing by, Covington's Cycle City in Woodward just looks like a small motorcycle parts and sales business. But inside is where motorcycle magic happens, with some of the coolest custom creations on the planet.

For 19 years, Jerry Covington has led a team and business that's become world renowned.

"We always try to have the newest, coolest stuff out and stuff, because that's what makes a business grow," Covington said.

New and cool, don't even begin to describe Covington's motorcycles.

Whether full on builds of their own line of bikes, or customizing Harley Davidson's, the motorcycles they make are amazing.

"We don't so much follow other people. We kind of create our own stuff," Covington said.

And they do it with a concentration on quality, attention to detail, and a focus on functionality.

"It can't just look good, it has to work," said Covington.

Covington's has sold its custom motorcycles in just about every single state, and to customers around the world, anywhere from $20,000, to up to six figures.

"Russia, we got bikes in the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa," Covington said.

The list goes on and on, along with a list of accolades and international attention. 125 magazine feature articles, 50 magazine covers, and television shows on several cable networks.

"Everybody that works here has something to do with each bike that goes out," said Covington.

Several of those employees are Jerry's sons, including Dave Covington.

"It's really cool when they come in and they want something new that no one else has and you have to help them figure out what that is," Dave Covington said.

And then they make it happen.

"The deal is here, it's about custom, and it's about the customer, however they want it that's what we'll do," Jerry Covington said.

For example, Covington's made a bike one of the most successful and eye catching show bikes in the nation. And now the customer wants to change things up just for fun.

"Believe it or not, we're completely repainting it, changing the wheels and giving it a whole new look," said Jerry Covington.

At any one time, they're working on about ten motorcycles. Some are simple, others are far more elaborate. Covington said no job is too big, or too small.

"We don't coast. We do whatever we can do to keep it rolling and keep it exciting," Jerry Covington said.

One of the most exciting parts is seeing the reaction of customers when they first see the finished project.

"We do it for a living, but if we didn't have to have money, this is what we'd be doing," Jerry Covington said.

And it all happens in Woodward, Oklahoma, with a little Oklahoma pride going into each motorcycle.

"There's people who live here who have no idea what goes on in this block," said Dave Covington.

"We're definitely proud of our town and proud of our state," said Jerry Covington.

It's surprising, but Covington said Harley Davidson isn't a big fan, because it's like they consider custom shops as competitors. But just about everyone else worldwide is a fan.

Covington's Cycle City gets 400,000 hits a month on their website.