News On 6 Hosts Final Mayoral Forum Before Election

Monday, November 11th 2013, 11:16 pm

Tulsa's most expensive mayoral election is coming to an end, but first, the candidates faced-off in a live forum we hosted during our 9 p.m. newscast, on Tulsa's CW.

Monday night's forum focused on where each candidate stands on the issues, issues that are important to voters. And the forum was centered around questions sent in by viewers.

One viewer sent a question worried Tulsa was on track to become the next New Orleans or Chicago where crime is concerned.

"We are addressing crime very well," said Mayor Dewey Bartlett. "When I was able to hire Chuck Jordan as our police chief, he instigated a variety of ways that we have improved tremendously our record in crime constraint, as well as finding the people who do commit crime and get them off the streets, and we have a terrific record in that regard."

Former mayor Kathy Taylor answered, "I think crime is out of control and I think citizens feel it. and it's important that we address it. So, I'm proud that I have been endorsed by the employed groups of police, fire and 911. And, together with them, we've crafted a plan - it's at - that includes strengthening the police and 911. It includes using smart technology to not only prevent crime, but catch criminals."

That was just a small part of Tuesday night's forum. The candidates also talked about their respective leadership styles.

They both agreed the money that would go toward "Improve Our Tulsa," if it is approved, would be sufficient to help fix our streets for now.

They also talked about putting water in the Arkansas River, building Tulsa's workforce and took a call from a city employee concerned about the city budget and losing his job.

You can watch the complete forum in the video player above.