Former OSU Orange Pride Member: 'We Were Never 1-On-1 With Recruits'

Friday, September 13th 2013, 6:04 pm

Another round of allegations have been levied against Oklahoma State University's football program.

On Friday, Sports Illustrated pointed fingers to the team's hostess group, Orange Pride, saying it used sex as a recruiting tool for the team.

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Former OSU football player Artrell Woods told SI that the idea was to make recruits believe if they chose Oklahoma State girls would be willing to have sex any time.

Former members say it's not true or fair to paint that kind of light on the program.

"We were given rules," former OP girl Jena Beth Teel said. "We were given total explanation of what was expected of us and we knew going into the program that, being a group of females."

Teel was a member of Orange Pride from 2003-05.

"They want someone they can feel confident to stand out to represent Oklahoma State to its best form," Teel said.

Teel said Sports Illustrated reporter Melissa Segura asked her if prettier girls got favoritism, were assigned more elite recruits, and if she felt uncomfortable with her one-on-one interview with Coach Miles.

"I was very quick to make sure that she understood that we were supposed to be not only professional on our end, but also we weren't there just for the recruits, we were there for the family, too," Teel said. "We were never, like, one-on-one alone with recruits during formal recruiting and that kind of thing, or even informal recruiting."

Sports Illustrated says an unnamed top recruit from 2003 told the magazine he had sex with two members of Orange Pride on a recruiting trip.

Former top recruits Tatum Bell and Greg Gold say that didn't happen when they visited the campus.

"All the girls were my friends, we partied, and I can speak for all of them, and none of them used to get down like that," Bell said.

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"Just makes me sick to my stomach because I know all of these young ladies," Gold said. "It's mind-boggling and none of that happened."

SI quotes former Orange Pride member Chantal Drumgole (nee Sanders) as saying there was a group of girls who were "just about the football players and trying to sleep with the football players."

An unnamed hostess told the magazine, "people did cross the line," with players.

"Never at one time did I ever hear of any encouragement to be sexually active with any football players or recruits," Teel said. "If anything, it was always the opposite, to not even socialize with them outside of our Orange Pride events."

SI identified Chantal Sanders as a member of Orange Pride during the 2003-04 academic year, which begins in the fall.

OSU spokesperson Gary Shutt said Chantal Sanders was only enrolled at the school for two semesters -- the spring and summer semesters of 2003.

Former Orange Pride members who spoke with News On 6 say they don't know who she is.