A Look Into The World Of Endurance Horse Racing

Tuesday, July 16th 2013, 4:33 pm
By: News On 6

At only 10 years old, Christina Kimery rode in her first endurance horse race.  It was a 25-mile race.  Five years later, Kimery is the headed to represent her country in France as the No. 1 racer in the country.      

"Being as old as I am, it's pretty shocking to me that I can make it to the top," Kimery said.

Kimery is the No. 1-nominated entry for endurance horse racing for junior and young riders in the U.S.  Think of endurance racing as cross country for horses.   The horses are checked by a veterinarian every 15 to 20 miles, and it's a long trek -- so you have to make sure the horse and rider get along.

"You always have to figure them out," Kimery explained. "How they are, their personality.  To see how they like you, because if they don't they will let you know."

Not only does endurance racing take patience for the rider but for the horse as well.  It takes two to three years to get the horse ready for races about 75 to 100 miles long.  And throughout the race there are some pretty scary obstacles.

"My horse snorted and about 50 deer flew around me and then took off.  My horse about dropped down to the ground fainting."

But despite the obstacles, Kimery has been up to the task, winning multiple national events.  And although the trip is costly, it all pays off to hopefully become champion.

"It's going to be a chore getting the horse over there.  But once its race day it pays off.  The feeling of winning and racing 75-100 miles is rewarding."