Pennsylvania Couple In Limbo After Tulsa Cancer Clinic Shut Down

Friday, April 26th 2013, 4:40 pm
By: Craig Day

A cancer patient and her husband were left in limbo this week, after agents with the Federal Drug Administration and the FBI shut down a Tulsa cancer clinic.

"I try to keep a positive attitude, because fighting cancer, you have to be positive. Negativism doesn't help at all," said patient Sharon DeBruin.

Camelot Cancer Care, in Tulsa, was closed by federal authorities Tuesday. Sources tell us the facility was using a natural cancer treatment that hasn't been approved by the FDA.

We talked to a patient getting the controversial treatment, who is now left waiting and still willing to get treatment, despite the action by authorities and the controversial background of Camelot's owner.

Sharon and Marinus DeBruin drove 1,250 miles from their summer home in Florida, to Tulsa for Sharon to go to Camelot Cancer Care.

After being cancer free for eight months, her cervical cancer returned.

"Because I've had so much radiation, they can't do anymore. I'm fried on the inside, so to speak," Sharon said.

Despite several opinions, the options weren't good. She could Do nothing and have eight months to live. Or she could get additional chemo, with a 15 percent chance of success.

The other option was to have major surgery, which she said could mean five years, if she's lucky, and would leave her with a terrible quality of life.

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That's what led her to Tulsa.

"I found nothing negative about Camelot," Sharon said.

Only 15 minutes after the first of 21 treatments, the FBI and FDA shut down Camelot for using Laetrile, a natural treatment, but one not approved by the FDA, because it could lead to cyanide poisoning.

Marinus was skeptical of the facility from the get-go. But, for Sharon, with few options to save her life, it was hope.

"I want to live, you know. I want to survive, and this was my hope," Sharon said.

While the center is closed, the DeBruins are left waiting in a Tulsa hotel.

In addition to the investigation underway, News On 6 learned interesting things about the owner of the facility.

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Our Dan Bewley talked with Maureen Long, who is listed on Camelot's website as the founder and administrator. He found that Long spent time in jail in the mid-'80s for illegal distribution of a controlled substance.

The Securities and Exchange Commission also said Long's deceased husband tricked investors in the '90s into raising money to help him build a new country called, "New Utopia." Princess Maureen Howard Long is listed as New Utopia's co-founder.

Even with that information, it doesn't matter to Sharon DeBruin.

Craig Day: "If they are able to open up, would you go through those doors and go ahead with treatment?"

Sharon DeBruin: "In a heartbeat, I definitely would. That's what I'm here for. I definitely think it's going to work."

For now, the DeBruins are trying to stay positive and are waiting to see what happens next, but they can't wait in their hotel forever.

"I want it so bad. It seems that it's my best option," Sharon said.

The DeBruins say they don't know what to do, now. They're stuck in Tulsa and are out $12,000 and don't know if the center will reopen, so Sharon can get treatments, or if they have any hope of getting their money back.