Owner Of Tulsa's Camelot Cancer Care Has Complicated Past

Thursday, April 25th 2013, 7:49 pm
By: News On 6

The Camelot Cancer Care center was shut down this week by the Food and Drug Administration and the FBI.

We spoke exclusively with the owner, Maureen Long, and took a look into her complicated past.

This is story that has taken many twists and turns. Who is Maureen Long? We learned Thursday she's served time in prison and claims to have helped found a new country in the Caribbean.

Long is the woman everyone's been trying to find since the FDA and FBI shut down her cancer treatment center on Tuesday. We found her at her home in south Tulsa.

Long is listed as Camelot Cancer Care's founder and administrator on the company's website. The FDA says Camelot has been using a treatment called Laetrile that's not approved and been shown to lead to cyanide poisoning.

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"There was never any intentional wrongdoing on our part--never, never," Long said Thursday.

Long's history is full of aliases and questionable activity. She served less than year in jail in the mid-'80s for illegal distribution of a controlled substance. She's also sued or been sued a number of times.

One of the most interesting details of her past have to do with a man named Lazarus Long, Maureen Long's deceased husband, and a fictional country called the Principality of New Utopia.

The Securities and Exchange Commission said Lazarus Long tricked investors in the late 1990s to raise $24,000 to help him build the new country, New Utopia. A federal judge issued a permanent injunction against him in 2000.

Right there, on the New Utopia website, is the name Princess Maureen Howard Long. She's listed as the co-founder.

"I don't know about websites or have any control over them. I was basically along for the ride," Long said.

There's more--a link on New Utopia's website leads to what is supposed to be the U.S. Embassy in the new country. There are beauty shots inside and a pond out back.

But New Utopia's U.S. Embassy is actually Maureen Long's home at 107th and 66th East Avenue in south Tulsa.

We asked Long about that, but she blamed her deceased husband.

"If you want a brief statement on that, it was not my doing. My husband was 81 years old and a bit of an eccentric character," Long said.