Animals Rescued From Hoarder In Central Oklahoma

Tuesday, June 19th 2012, 1:25 pm
By: Dee Duren

Farm animals rescued from a private hoarder are recovering at the Tulsa SPCA, according to Executive Director Lori Hall. Rescuers had to wade through the bodies of dead animals and waste to get to the living, she said.

The Tulsa SPCA is housing 42 chickens, 20 goats, eight bunnies, two Border Collies and a pig that were taken from an undisclosed location in central Oklahoma Monday.

Hall said she can't reveal much information about this animal cruelty case, because it is still an ongoing investigation.

The animals were taken by a Sheriff's Office and brought to SPCA by a Bristow animal lover.

"The goats were very, very thin," she said.

Hall said there were about 80 goat skeletons found on the property.

"The chickens were in a semi trailer, and rescuers just had to wade through the feces and dead chickens to get to the live ones," Hall said.

In the few hours that the chickens had been there, Hall said she noticed an extreme change.

But some animals weren't so lucky. Many bunnies were too sick to make the trip to Tulsa. Only eight survived.

"What's heartbreaking is knowing that we could have had a few more lives saved with the rabbits, but they got there as fast as they could and we're going to help the ones we have," said Hall.

The SPCA has had a good response from people volunteering to foster the animals. They are requesting donations to help cover foster care expenses until the animals are healthy enough to be adopted out.

For more information on how you can help, call 918-636-9935.