Broken Arrow Police Make Arrest In Attempted Abduction Of Young Girl

Friday, February 10th 2012, 10:14 am
By: News On 6

Broken Arrow Police have arrested a juvenile suspect they say tried to abduct a 13-year-old girl near Spring Creek Elementary and Childers Middle School Friday morning.

Police say after talking to several people in the neighborhood, they developed the teenage boy as a suspect. They say he confessed and still had a piece of the girl's property on him.

They have not released the suspect's name.

School officials say the incident occurred at a bus stop near 131st and Elm at about 7:15 a.m.

Several child and adult witnesses told officers the suspect, wearing a green athletic style jacket, a dark colored beanie cap and blue jeans came up behind the girl, grabbed her, put his hand over her face and was dragging her into a nearby yard.

A neighbor happened to be looking out her kitchen window and saw the suspect sneak up behind the girl.

"As I was looking out the window, I saw someone slipping up behind her and I thought it was another person that would ride the bus and he was going to tease her," said Judy, a Broken Arrow resident and Good Samaritan.

"He grabbed her and drug her then across the cul-de-sac and through my fence on this side, opened my gate."

Judy ran out her garage door and took off across the yard after them, screaming the entire time.

The man made it all the way around the house, through the gate and into the back yard by the time she caught up to them. 

"I ran out my garage door and started screaming, "Hey, hey, hey, Brittany, hey," Judy said.

"He turned around and looked at me, and he kind of threw her and went off in the back," she said. 

Several adults gave chase but lost him. Because of the shock of it all, Judy and Brittany were only able to give a vague description of the man.

"She was so stunned. She just stood there, when he ran off. I said 'Come to me Brittany, come to me' and she did come to me then. She was just stunned, standing there, like, what's happened to me."

The minute Brittany got home, she ran into her father's arms, hysterical, explaining the man had threatened to kill her if she screamed and explained how Judy had saved her. 

"She's like our guardian angel, like our guardian angel, you know," said James, Brittany's father.

He says he never dreamed this would happen in this neighborhood, to his girl, but it makes him realize it can happen anywhere to anyone.

He's so thankful Brittany is okay, but knows all too well, it could've been much worse.

"I'm supposed to be the one protecting her, you know," James said. "Just to have something like this happen just right outside your door is just - it's hard; it's crazy."

Two elementary schools were on lockdown for a short time, only as a precaution. 

The girl told police the suspect told her "that if she screamed, he would kill her."