Someone Is Poisoning Dogs In Green Country Neighborhood

Friday, December 9th 2011, 9:34 pm
By: News On 6

Creek and Tulsa County investigators are on the lookout for someone who's poisoning dogs.

Investigators say at least ten dogs within about a mile radius have eaten the poison and seven of those have died. 

Meera Boussu lost both of her labs. Butch had been her baby for eight years, and then Lydia joined two years ago.

The 80-pound dogs went outside for an hour last month then came back in. Within thirty minutes, Butch started seizing.

"Raised his head up stiff and started smashing into the kitchen furniture, into the cabinets and things, and his legs got really stiff," Boussu said.

She thought a snake had bitten him, but his seizures became more violent.

"I couldn't even touch him. I just sat there and watched him die," Boussu said.

A necropsy revealed Butch died from strychnine poisoning.

"I felt physically sick, absolutely sick," she said.

Lydia died that afternoon at the vet's office from the same thing - strychnine poisoning in the form of bluish-green pellets used to kill rodents.

Five other dogs in Meera's Keystone neighborhood along the Creek and Tulsa County line have also died from similar symptoms since November 9th.

Investigators believe the dogs are being enticed.

"One report showed bologna rind, so it looks like they may be lacing it with either hamburger or bologna," said Cpl Kevin Haney, Creek County Sheriff's Office.

The Creek County Sheriff's office is stepping up patrols. They don't believe it's an accident, since some of the dogs were fenced in.

"The Creek County Sheriff's office wants to put a stop to it before it escalates and a child might find it, consume it and get really sick or die," Haney said.

The neighborhood hopes someone comes forward with information before it gets to that point.

The Keystone Neighborhood Watch Program is offering a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. Call 918-224-4964, if you can help.