Tulsa Chef Serves 5-Star Food On Wheels

Tuesday, September 27th 2011, 6:33 pm
By: News On 6

Rick Wells, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Can you change the way people eat by cooking out of a trailer on the street? Steven Plant believes he can, and he has some hefty credentials and a big dream to do just that.

Steven serves braised short ribs, chicken tacos, Asian wraps and more out of a food trailer. He is in the second year of his experiment operating out of a trailer, selling five star food on wheels.

"I went to Culinary Institute of America," Steven said.

He seems over-qualified to be doing street food, but he says there's a freedom to cook what he wants the way he wants to cook it.

"I've built a fan base that enjoys my food," he said.

Breakfast tomorrow, short ribs for lunch. He can move wherever he wants to, but he says there are problems being mobile.

"There are so many variables that play into what's going on with this," Steven said.

If his generator quits he has no power. A flat tire - he misses his spot. The income is spotty because he has no regular location, people have to find him

"Is it exciting being young, and courageous enough to step out on your own to try to make a name for yourself? Yeah, it's fun," he said.

If there's a dream beyond that, it's to change the way people eat. If that means healthier, well prepared street food - I'm in.

Steven caters. He'll bring his trailer to your party. He'll teach cooking to you and your friends, and you can find him easily him on Facebook and Twitter.