Rap artists taunt DEA and two agents by name

Monday, October 2nd 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Selected transcribed lyrics from songs on rap artist Scar-face's upcoming CD, Last of a Dying Breed:

From "Gangsta ... [expletive]"

Can't be stopped. Not even by a badge,

[Expletive] J, Chad. It's J Prince and Brad.

There ain't enough ... [expletive] in the states to come stop this Rap-A-Lot mafia ... [expletive], yeah, Ain't enough ... [expletive] in the United States to stop this Rap-A-Lot ... [expletive]


New boots, rat ... [expletive], coming around here making a ... [expletive] case.

Bitch, I ruin your career ...

And I destroy a slew of you ... [expletive] one at a time. ...


From "Look Me In My Eyes"

But I can't get no peace

cause Schumacher's been chasin' me.

Tryin' to set me up. Bustin down my streets.

Lockin'up my dog, to see if he can catch me.

But I don't sell no dope. ...

[Expletive] DEA. ...

NOTES: The artist's real name is Brad Jordan and his label's owner is James "Lil' J" or "Little James" Prince. The agents most heavily involved in the DEA Rap-A-Lot inquiry were Jack Schumacher and Chad Scott.

SOURCE: Dallas Morning News research