Verdigris Police Urge Vigilance After 14 Car Burglaries In One Night

Tuesday, September 29th 2020, 5:15 pm
By: Jordan Tidwell


The Verdigris Police department is investigating fourteen car break-ins in one night.

Assistant Police Chief Darrin Hester said the burglaries happened Saturday night in The Vintage and Blackberry Ridge neighborhoods. 

"That is not normal, especially for here, we don't have high crime rates of other places, this is a residential community," Hester said. 

Hester said the suspects broke into cars and took anything they could find.

"Firearms, electronics such as iPads, the other thing that was taken was wallets, purses, things with people's personal identifications," Hester said. 

Hester said the suspects used credit cards at places like Walmart and Quick Trip and they now have surveillance video pointing them in the right direction of who did this. Hester said they are searching for more than one person.

"There had to have been more than one to have that many vehicles spanned over a large neighborhood hit in one night," Hester said. 

Hester said the cars that were broken into all had one thing in common.

"Every car that was broken into was actually unlocked,” Hester said. “It's kind of the situation of telling people just because you live in a rural area or smaller town, lock your vehicles.” 

While also locking your cars, Hester said to be vigilant and if it's happening in Verdigris, it can be happening anywhere.

"If they are stealing here, they are stealing in other locations as well," he said.