Parent Accidentally Shoots Themself While Picking Up Student At Grove Lower Elementary

Friday, January 22nd 2021, 10:15 pm
By: News On 6, Grant Stephens

GROVE, Oklahoma -

The superintendent of Grove Schools is answering questions after a student's dad accidentally shot himself.

The shooting happened in the parking lot of Lower Elementary School Thursday afternoon as parents were waiting to pick up their kids after school. Pat Dodson, the superintendent of Grove Public Schools says most people might not have even noticed what happened because no one else was outside their cars at the time.

"While waiting in line a parent, had a gun in the vehicle and the gun discharged in the vehicle...There were no students or staff in the vicinity when this took place. The person was early in line waiting for pickup, and he basically left the line before school had let out," he said.

The parent's identity and the extent of his injuries have not been released yet.

"Apparently, he wounded himself because he left the line and took himself to the hospital...We want to get out in front and just reassure people that nobody was really in any harm's way at the time," Dodson said.

Grove School Resource Officer Tracy Bloss says the accident is a reminder of the damage that could've been done

He says he always encourages gun safety around students, and parents are no exception.

"We don't allow firearms in the buildings on campus. In fact, there's a sign that says 'firearms prohibited,'" Bloss said.

Dodson says the ban of guns on school property is there for safety. He says while it's unfortunate the father was hurt, it could have been worse.

"The safety of our students and our staff is our number one priority at all times...You start thinking in your head the potential damage that could've been done," Dodson said.

Because this was still technically a shooting the Grove Police have started an investigation into how the gun was accidentally discharged.