Community Helps Beggs Plumber Who Had Tools, Cash Stolen

Wednesday, February 24th 2021, 4:42 pm
By: Reagan Ledbetter

BEGGS, Oklahoma -

A Beggs man has worked for more than 200 hours in fourteen straight days, helping thaw water lines and fix pipes during the record cold weather, then he had his tools and money stolen. 

The Beggs community calls Daniel McCall a local hero who is always helping others but now they want want to help him. 

McCall is a local plumber who always putting others first, especially the last few weeks. 

He worked nearly 24/7 helping make sure everyone made it through the record cold weather and snow.

The cold weather didn’t stop him and neither did a thief. 

 McCall hasn’t had a day off in more than two weeks. As for sleep, he hasn’t gotten much. 

“I’ve been getting about four hours a night, maybe five hours a night,” said McCall.

The brutally cold weather was already hard on McCall, then while he was working to restore water to an apartment complex, someone broke into his work van and stole his tools and money. 

“They got my brand new drill, and my test meter. Then $330 in cash. I just cashed that check that morning. I was not happy about it,” said McCall. “The drill--I just got it that morning. The money that was taken, I had worked the night before for it until like 1 in the morning.”

Instead of calling it quits, McCall just kept working with the few tools he had left. 

Then, someone in Beggs started a GoFundMe page as a way to say thanks to Daniel, and the money started pouring in. 

“Blown away man. Just blown away. I just could not believe it. I’m just a plumber you know what I mean? And they come all together for this, it’s just crazy. It’s quite the humbling experience for sure,” said McCall. “They are just awesome people. If something happens, a tragedy, they come together and they help and do what they can.”

Daniel says he can’t thank everyone enough for all of the support.

Click here for the GoFundMe page.