Nonprofit Helps Prisoners Connect With Their Children On Father's Day

Sunday, June 20th 2021, 7:49 pm


Inmates said a day like Father’s Day is harder for them as they’re spending time separated from their children.

“It's going to hurt because I have quite a few children and they all celebrate, come to me, talk to me, and they all love me and I’m going to miss that,” Leonardo Brown said.

Inmates wrote letters to their children, letting them know Dad will always have a special place for them in his heart.

“Even though I’m not there, I’m there,” Robert Sample said. “You know what I mean that I love them, that I love them and that I’m not going to be gone forever.”  

“I just wanted my child to know that I love them so much and no matter what they can succeed and be great at anything they put their mind and heart to doing,” Romon Pugh said.

A nonprofit organization called Prison Fellowship will be mailing these letters to the children of the inmates with a sports ball of their choice and a Bible.

Prison Fellowship’s Jermaine Wilson spoke to the group. He said he wanted to let the inmates know what they do while they're incarcerated will reflect what they do when they get out.

“This is a great opportunity for you to acquire tools that you need so that you can share with your children once you do get released because our kids don't necessarily listen to us,” Wilson said. “They do exactly what they see.”

Inmates said they feel hopeless many days, but the message Prison Fellowship shared encouraged them to make their pain their purpose.