Oklahoma Man Transforms Yard Into Haunted Halloween Experience For A Good Cause

Friday, October 15th 2021, 5:35 pm
By: Sawyer Buccy

A Green Country man is creating a haunted Halloween display in his front yard, and each scare is an opportunity to do something good for kids in need in Oklahoma.

"It is that geek part of me that kind of comes out," said Stone Creek Scare Creator Mark Haney. 

It’s just weeks away from Halloween night.

"Pretty much everything that is out here, I have built," said Haney, "It is just fun. It is just fun!"

His front yard is just weeks away from coming to life, in the creepiest way possible.

"We do not do blood; we don't do gore,” Haney said. “I have always enjoyed the classic Halloween stuff.”  

Haney is a software engineer by day and uses those skills to bring his creations to life. He has programmed skeletons to interact with the people who come through their path.

"They are telling jokes; they are singing songs," said Haney. 

There is a witch's cottage.

"We do an inside projection from the back," said Haney, "She is doing potions, she is telling stories."

There’s a candy air cannon that was created during the pandemic that shoots candy right into a kid's candy bucket.

And then there’s Tiny. 

"These guys have their own Facebook page. The story a few years ago was the guys were getting a little bit rowdy, they weren't taking care of things and so somebody had to come in and put things in order, that is when Tiny showed up," said Haney. "Tiny has been around for a long time, he is a nine-foot guy."

The best thing about Haney’s display is it is all for a good cause. For years he has used his Halloween obsession to collect donations and canned food for the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.

"You will never know but there are kids right next door to you who might be going to bed hungry tonight. That is not okay," said Haney. 

If you can't make it out on Halloween night to see the display, you can still talk to two of the skeletons online, they have their own Facebook page. 

"The day before and Halloween day is when all of the movements come to life, usually by the end of November 1st, it is gone," said Haney. 

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