Miss USA Contestants Spend Thanksgiving Serving The Homeless

Thursday, November 25th 2021, 11:05 pm
By: Johnny Resendiz

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The Miss USA Pageant Is here in Tulsa this week, and all the contestants are helping those less fortunate this Thanksgiving.

Because of the competition, contestants from every state are away from their families this Thanksgiving. So, they wanted to make sure the homeless have a happy holiday.

Contestants handed out freshly cooked Thanksgiving meals, sleeping bags and winter jackets to the homeless.

Asya Branch, the reigning Miss USA, says with the platform she has, she is thankful she can make an impact on the lives of those in need.

"The is one of the most important aspects of the job," Branch said. "I think just seeing the smiles on people's faces and seeing how you can really make a big impact on someone's life with a small action is really beautiful."

This is part of the pageant's mission to give back to the pageant's host city.

On a day where people count their blessings, Carrie Vesely Henderson with Iron Gate says they are thankful for the helping hands.

"We're so honored that they chose to spend their Thanksgiving morning with us," Henderson said. "It really speaks volumes about the integrity of these girls."

Branch says although it's hard to be away from their families during the holidays, doing what they love makes it worth it in the end.

"There's definitely a balance there," Branch said. "With the job, you're going to be busy. You're going to be doing things. But having opportunities such as this that really warm the heart and give you something to be thankful for, and it's what really makes it all worthwhile."

The Miss USA pageant prelims are this Friday at the River Spirit Casino Resort.