Local Artist Prepares For Final Year Running Tulsa Art Hunt

Thursday, December 2nd 2021, 7:46 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A local artist says he's getting ready for his annual scavenger hunt throughout Tulsa. 

Artist Daniel Gulick says this is something he started just for fun 11 years ago, and now it's become a Christmas tradition for him and so many others in Tulsa. 

"So many people, thousands of people have played and every year these families will set up around Tulsa and just wait for me," he said. 

Daniel says this year he's created 12 pieces of art, wrapped them all up, and then will hide them all throughout Tulsa, waiting for people to go and find them. 

"I post clues on our Facebook page and our Instagram page and it's crazy within a few minutes they're found with the most obscure clues," he said. 

But, this year is the last year the Art Hunt will include Daniel's art. 

He says he's ready to give the responsibility to other artists and to help shine the spotlight on their art. 

"It's hard for me to knock out paintings at the end of the year when so much else is due, and it's time, eleven years is a long run, and I feel like it's good to pass the torch on," he said. 

He says one of his favorite things about the Art Hunt is giving back. Every year he picks an organization and asks for donations. He said it can be monetary donations, or coats and jackets, or even gift cards. 

This year he's chosen Matriarch, a non-profit that supports Indigenous women.

"I'm proud of the fact we raise money for these organizations and charities especially during the holidays because some of these families have nothing, and a little boost of happiness goes a long way," he said. 

The Tulsa Art Hunt will start on December 23rd at 7 pm. Daniel will post clues on The Art Hunt Facebook and Instagram pages. You can drop off donations at Colour Studios at 2016 E. 11th St. Wednesday through Saturday from 1 to 6 p.m. until December 18th.