Hotel Staff Left To Clean Up Damage Worth Thousands Of Dollars

Thursday, January 13th 2022, 11:03 pm

SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma -

Employees at a Sand Springs Hotel say they're shocked and disgusted by what vandals did to a hotel room.

General Manager, Rebecca Khan, said guests of the hotel wrote on the walls, left feces and urine on the floor, and destroyed nearly all of the furniture in the room.

“I’ve been in the business for 16 years and I’ve never once seen anything like this happen," Khan said. “When I went up to the room I cried. For somebody to do that to my home, I’ve been at this property on and off since 2007, I love this place. And it really did, it broke my heart.”

Khan said it's made her question who she and her staff should let stay in the hotel.

"What if I say no I’m not going to rent to them because of what this guy did? And then I lose the business?" said Khan.

She has the ID of the person who checked out the room and believes she knows the name of the man who was with him.

She said two others, a man and a woman, were also in that room.

She hopes the public can help identify them.

Khan has filed a report with the police, but her next step is taking the man who rented the room to civil court to pay for the damages.