Tulsa Man Creates Props For Local Shows

Wednesday, March 16th 2022, 5:44 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A Tulsa man left a gig in Las Vegas to move back home and do what he loves! He creates props for some of the biggest shows in town! He is taking us inside his workshop.

"This was for the Tulsa Opera Production of 'Little Prince,'" said Bryan Johnson with Bryan Johnson Creative.

The objects you see might not be as they appear. That is the magic of magic though - the illusion.

"We needed something lightweight," said Johnson.

"This is a gift box with a piece of wood on top, with golf tees as the keys," said Johnson.

Magic made its way into Bryan Johnson's heart as a kid.

"When I was five, I got a Houdini All Out of the Hat Magic Set for Christmas," said Johnson. The magic never really left.

"I design, build, fabricate props for film, television, live entertainment," said Johnson, "I realized there was magic in theater."

He built a career, making magic, in the midst of everyday life.

"Every day is like a magic show. In props, you are making something that doesn't exist," said Johnson, "That is a soup container turned upside down. The top is a lemonade bottle."

Passion can take you much further than you could ever dream. Bryan's passion has taken him all over the country. Most recently, he was in Las Vegas working with Blue Man Group.

"I was their lead, props and special effects technician," said Johnson.

After five years, he decided to leave the city and come back home.

"I saw what Tulsa had become in the 5 short years it had been since I'd been gone, and I wanted to come back and be part of the growth of my home," said Johnson.

He owns and operates Bryan Johnson Creative out of a home workshop in town.

"Right now, I am working on my 18th opera with Tulsa Opera. If you told me, I would ever even do one opera I would've told you were lying. Especially going to Blue Man Group to Opera," said Johnson, "My grandma really got me into the arts at a young age - she always had opera on in the background."

There is a little room for magic in all our lives if we can just dream it in existence.

"If you are unique- use that. That is who you are," said Johnson.

TO LEARN MORE OR CONTACT BRYAN: https://www.bryanjohnsoncreative.com/