Catoosa Man Arrested, Accused Of Injuring 11 Students During Field Trip In Jenks

Thursday, April 28th 2022, 5:16 pm
By: News On 6

JENKS, Oklahoma -

A Catoosa man has been arrested after Jenks police say he injured 11 children while on a field trip.

Susan Whitelock says she was on the field trip, and never expected it to end the way it did.

"I never saw any indication while at the aquarium or before I left the park, of anyone being upset about anything, it was a fun, fun day," she said.

She says they were at the Jenks Aquarium and then stopped at Veterans Park to have lunch and play. She says she had to leave early, but then later heard kids were hurt.

"My first thought was oh my god, I left. I left my grandson there, I wish I would have been there to protect him or help the other kids who had been hurt," she said.

Jenks Police say they got a call that a man was attacking children, and parents were confronting him.

Brandon Hattaway told police he was a parent on the field trip, and the kids were playing on the "merry-go-round." He thought they were going to get hurt, so he was taking them off.

Jenks Police say the kids told officers Hattaway was hurting them, and police say 11 kids had minor but visible injuries.

"I was angry, that somebody, anybody would think that's okay to do to any child, let alone as many as they are claiming was hurt," Whitelock said.

Whitelock says while her grandson was not hurt, this entire situation has her in shock, and she's worried about the lasting impact this could have on the kids.

"The kids were supposed to be safe, I mean who expects something like that to happen in the middle of something like that," she said.

Hattaway has been booked into the Tulsa County Jail on 11 counts of child abuse.

We did call Catoosa Public Schools for comment but have not heard back.