Muskogee Family Trying to Rebuild After Their Home Was Flooded

Monday, May 9th 2022, 10:10 pm

MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma -

Families in Muskogee are hard at work clearing out their homes after floods destroyed houses and ruined bridges and roads.

Muskogee city leaders estimate the damage from last weeks flood could be as devastating as the historic flooding three years ago and think the damage will cost millions.

Piles of clothes, furniture and toys outside a home in Muskogee's Meadows neighborhood is just part of the cleanup for the Alverson's.

“About this high is where it got," said Bridget Alverson.

Bridget and her husband Cody have spent the weekend ripping up carpet and salvaging anything they can.

“The water in the street was up to my stomach," she said.

Bridget and her three kids went to sleep last week when the rain started.

“Cody stayed up to watch Travis Meyer," Bridget said.

"I looked to my left, and it's coming in the back door," said Cody. "We gotta move now.”

The water from their creek came all the way up to their street.

"You can see on the wall, too, where the water came up," she said.

The couple called 911 at 2 a.m. and were finally rescued about five hours later.

Now, they’re staying with nearby family.

“The officers were carrying all my kids," Bridget said.

It’s a confusing process for the kids. Four-year-old Emma went inside her bedroom to find everything gone.

The Alverson's now need new furniture, beds, clothes, appliances, and with a fourth child on the way, they’re praying they can renovate quickly.

For now, they’re holding on to one another.

“It’s almost all we have left," Bridget said. "Literally.”

Muskogee city officials estimate hundreds of people impacted by the floods.

They encourage anyone with damage to report it to them.

To make contributions to the Alverson family, CLICK HERE.