Tulsa Police Arrest Man Accused Of Beating, Raping Elderly Woman

Tuesday, May 10th 2022, 10:18 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The Tulsa Police Fugitive Squad arrested a man accused of brutally beating and raping an elderly woman in her home.

Police searched for Elga Harper for nearly a week before they caught him on Tuesday afternoon.

Lieutenant Darin Ehrenrich said he is proud of the victim for her bravery. He said the woman was shockingly calm when she called police moments after being attacked.

"Even as a 14-year detective, this was a hard one," said Lt. Darin Ehrenrich, Tulsa Police Special Victims Unit.

Some detectives call this one of the most shocking and gut-wrenching scenes they’ve ever responded to.

"I say that because the level of violence that was inflicted on a 73-year-old woman, it's horrific. She required hospitalization, surgery that night," said Lt. Ehrenrich.

Officers said the victim's handyman Elga Harper was at the woman's house near 51st and Memorial last Wednesday night when he tied her up, then strangled and raped her.

"When you look at photos of that crime scene, you would think it's a scene of a multiple homicide. The house is destroyed. There's blood everywhere," said Lt. Ehrenrich.

Lt. Ehrenrich said the victim called Tulsa police and helped them quickly identify Harper. She told officers in the past Harper had done 10 to 15 handy man jobs around her house.

"I just can't say enough about her strength and poise in dealing with such a horrific situation. If it wasn't for her strength, I don't know where this case would be right now," said Lt. Ehrenrich.

Ehrenrich said this case sparked a manhunt for Harper. On Tuesday, the Fugitive Squad found Harper near 39th and Harvard.

"The city of Tulsa is immediately safer with him off the streets. Extreme relief," said Lt. Ehrenrich.

Lt. Ehrenrich can’t discuss specifics about what Harper told officers when they arrested him, but he said Harper’s motive is unknown.

"When you look at what could be the motivation behind attacking a 73-year-old woman, what could that motivation be," said Lt. Ehrenrich.

Harper is in the Tulsa County jail facing charges of first-degree rape, kidnapping, robbery, and assault and battery.