Tulsa Restaurants Eager For PGA Championship Crowds

Thursday, May 12th 2022, 4:12 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Bars and restaurants near Tulsa's Southern Hills Country Club are working overtime to get ready for the tens of thousands of people visiting for the PGA. 

Business owners near the golf course say they expect a big crowd, and can't wait to serve all of the golf fans. Blue Turtle Tavern is just a putt away from the Southern Hills Golf Course, and signs are up telling fans to grab a drink after a long day of watching the PGA.

"Welcome to Blue Turtle, we're here for the golfers," said Carla Brown. 

Bartender Carla Brown said PGA has hooked their bartenders up with polos to wear, along with beer glasses and PGA signs. She's ready to serve up some drinks and some fun to golf goers after a hot day. Down the street at Cricket & Fig Chocolate, chef and owner Randy Page is ramping up his business, too.

"Not only luxury chocolates, but amazing coffee, we serve lunch," he said. 

Page makes all these chocolates by hand, and when it comes to caffeine, barista Dan Phelps has it handled.

"We are prepared for very heavy coffee and breakfast time needs," said Page. 

Being just three blocks away from Southern Hills, Page said he's hoping fans will stop in for a bite to eat and some sweets as a souvenir.

"Expecting 10s of thousands of out-of-town visitors," he said. "We would like to have someone to take a piece of Tulsa home with them."

Businesses won't be the only thing packed. Roads will be too, with closures and a lot of traffic.