PGA Championship Merchandise Store Opens This Weekend

Friday, May 13th 2022, 4:00 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The official PGA Championship Merchandise Store is open, and organizers say there is something for everyone.

The 50,000 square foot merchandise tent is now open to the public and organizers expect a lot of people to be here this weekend. Rows and rows of hats, shirts, and cups of every size and color all proudly display the 2022 PGA logo at Southern Hills Country Club.

The massive merchandise tent takes more than a year to organize, and with inventory issues, this year was particularly difficult.

“We’ve worked so hard to get to his point there's a lot of people coming this week," said Michael Quirk.

Michael Quirk is the Senior VP of Merchandise for the PGA and says he’s prepared for huge crowds this weekend. This tent is the only way people can get a look inside Southern Hills without a ticket.

“You take account, next week the event with it being a major, our crowds are going to be big," Quirk said. "There's a reason this tent is 50,000 square feet.”

Quirk said the excitement in Tulsa has been built up since the Senior PGA Championship last year.

“Tulsa’s such a great area. Everybody is so nice and great, and the excitement-- you can just feel it.”

The merchandise shop is open Friday until 6 p.m., and then from 9 to 6 Saturday and Sunday. You can park at the Mabee Center and get a shuttle over to the tent.

“It’s going to be an exciting time," Quirk said. "These next 10 days-- we’re ready.”

You can also snag a free photo with the trophy Friday and Saturday.