‘Somebody Is Abusing Their Authority’: Gov. Stitt Slams Grand Jury Report

Friday, May 13th 2022, 6:01 pm


Gov. Kevin Stitt took a few high school pages up on a game of basketball Friday at Star Spencer High School. 

Stitt and Education Secretary Ryan Walters were schooled 15-to-5 by two juniors who served as pages in March for state Sen. George Young, D-OKC.

News 9 had a chance to go one-on-one with Gov. Stitt about a recent grand jury report. 

“Oklahomans are too smart for that these political hit jobs on an election year,” Stitt said. “It’s just really disappointing.” 

The grand jury report released Thursday said testimony from Pardon and Parole Board employees revealed, since early 2019, there has been a "rush to get more and more people out of prison." 

The panel also called into question closed door meetings between Stitt and soon-to-be board members to discuss how they would vote in upcoming hearings. The grand jury called the meetings "grossly improper” and “clearly violates the spirit of the Open Meetings Act.” 

“I represent 4 million Oklahomans. I’m elected by all Oklahomans, so of course, I interview every single person who goes on different boards and commissions, and make sure that I put our values, our conservative values, to protect public safety and will continue to do that,” Stitt said. “That’s my job as governor.” 

The Governor's Office claims state law prohibits the grand jury convened by district attorney David Prater from making allegations public officials have engaged in misconduct. 

“It’s just disappointing that somebody is abusing their authority to go after my pardon and parole board,” Stitt said.