PGA Championships Interns Prepare For Practice Rounds Monday Morning

Sunday, May 15th 2022, 10:43 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Practice rounds for the 2022 PGA Championship begin Monday morning.

Hundreds of people have been working to get everything ready, including some interns.

The PGA Championship interns come from coast to coast.

News On 6 talked to them about their time here in Tulsa, and their responses were priceless.

"We're ready," said Austin Bryant, Michigan.

"We're ready," said Ben Grinsteiner, North Dakota.

"Hope they're ready," said Bryant.

They call themselves the Swa​mpers.

"Moving a lot of heavy stuff. We're getting dirty. Getting wet," said Bryant.

"We're in the swamp everyday grinding," said Grinsteiner.

"Gets dirty out in the swamp, but somebody's gotta clean it up," said Houston Smith, Nashville.

"Just the most hard-working, gritty, funny group of guys," said James Jordan, California.

The PGA Championship interns have been getting the grounds ready and helping vendors set up.

"Coolers, tables, painting," said Bryant.

"Some may consider us the glue guys," said Andrew Bozesky, St. Louis.

"We're really just here just helping make everyone's life as easy as possible during a stressful time crunch," said Eric Nikolaisen, St. Louis.

The group of 20 somethings said this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

"This internship just seemed like an incredible opportunity to get into like the highest level of the sports world," said James Jordan, California.

"I play mediocre golf. Can't fix my slice to save my life, but I've always had the dream of being with the PGA," said Marcus Woods, Texas.

"Something we'll definitely cherish and savor for the rest of our lives," said Smith.

"I just got back from the Ryder Cup and the Masters and this is kind of on par with those. You know, it's a major championship. A big golf event. It's really cool to see the similarities and differences all those three, said Bryant.

For the past couple ​months, they've been living together; many of them experiencing Tulsa for the first time.

"Tulsa's a mix between like a big city. But if you need to get away, you can get away pretty easily," said Bryant.

"If I were to compare it to anything it'd be the Las Vegas of the melting pot down here," said Nikolaisen.

"I love the downtown area," said Bozesky.

As for Southern Hills...

"It's like Disneyland," said Jordan.

"Like something out of a movie. Or book. You come out and see a whole city built in 2 to 3 months," said Smith.

"You know the first time you go to the ocean or see those big ole mountains, that's kind of what it was when I stepped on the course," said Woods.

"It's definitely the best course that I've ever been to," said Grinsteiner.

"This is at the top of the top," said Bozesky.

They said the best part is the people.

"I would consider this the fraternity I never joined," said Jordan.

"Definitely brothers for life," said Grinsteiner.

"I love you man," said Bozesky.

"I love you more. We're from all over the place. We all got thrown in this bunch together. Came in as 21 individuals. We walk out as one collective. It's really awesome," said

"I concur," said Bozesky.

Their passion for golf runs deep.

"I grew up in a golf family," said Smith

"Anyone can come out here grab clubs and learn," said Bryant.

"It's something you can play forever," said Grinsteiner.

'"It's the ultimate game where you're kind of competing against yourself," said Jordan.

Everything the Swampers have done has led up to this week.

"It's gonna be an amazing time. Greatest sports moments of all time: you think of Ray Allen, Miami Heat, game 7 step back 3, tie it. You think of David Freese 2011 World Series walk off electric. Blue Stanley Cup 2019. I'm telling you what's coming for the championship week in Tulsa Oklahoma, is gonna be far more exciting than anything you've witnessed in the last 15 years," said Nikolaisen.

"[Favorite part] will come on Thursday when all our hard work pays off. Seeing 40,000 fans walk through the gate and knowing that it wouldn't be possible without the swamp," said Bryant.

The Swampers will stay through mid-June for the start of cleanup, which is expected to take about two months.