Rideshare Drivers Busy With PGA Business

Wednesday, May 18th 2022, 9:55 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Rideshare drivers picking up people for the PGA said business is busier than ever.

Drivers said they're picking up a lot of people from hotels and Airbnb's across the Tulsa Metro to drop off at Southern Hills, but they're also getting rideshare requests from all over the city.

The PGA Championship rounds begin on Thursday and longtime rideshare driver Sharon Villalobos said the traffic is telling.

"This week, just be prepared for more business, more rides, less breaks," said Sharon Villalobos, Rideshare Driver.

Some attendees are using rideshare apps instead of the PGA shuttle, which driver Ian Andrews said is more convenient.

"It's like going to QuikTrip and buying ketchup. Gonna spend a little more but man it's convenient, and you're not sharing it with a bunch of other people," said Ian Andrews, Rideshare Driver.

But expect to pay. Villalobos said prices this morning were more than double the average cost for a ride.

"It's gonna get crazy this weekend and the drivers that do rideshare are gonna be pulling more hours and more miles but not reaping as much benefit as the companies themselves," said Villalobos.

Villalobos said she used to get 75 percent of a ride fare. "Slowly over time it's reduced to 50 percent or less," said Villalobos.

Plus, she has to fill up on gas once or twice a day.

"That has affected me greatly on the bottom line for sure. I just filled up my car a little while ago and it was like $65," said Villalobos. "There are a couple times in the morning. Maybe an hour, and hour and a half, where prices surge, and we might benefit from that.

Villalobos said there's not only competition on the golf course this week, but there's also competition on the roads.

"We have a lot of drivers that come in from Oklahoma City, Kansas, Arkansas and they all participate in our big events, and it takes away from the local drivers and it reduces the surge prices," said Villalobos.

People using rideshare apps will be dropped off and picked up at the Southern Hills Tower, which is a five-minute walk to the 61st Street Entrance.