Athletes From Around The World Participate In 2022 Ironman Triathlon

Sunday, May 22nd 2022, 11:44 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Athletes from across the world put themselves to the test at the IRONMAN triathlon on Sunday.

The IRONMAN Tulsa consisted of a 2.4-mile swim in Keystone Lake, a 112-mile bike ride and a 26.2-mile run throughout Tulsa and surrounding areas.

People from around the world came to Tulsa to compete and to support the athletes taking on the IRONMAN the same day the 2022 PGA Championship was wrapping up at Southern Hills.

Zachary Di Pisa and Victoria Caron made the trek from Saint-Alexandre, a small town outside of Montreal, Canada, to support one of the athletes.

“I think it means a lot because it’s his first IRONMAN, so it’s a big deal for him, it’s a big goal, so I am proud to be here for it, and I’m sure it means a lot for him,” said Di Pisa, the brother of athlete Alexandre Di Pisa.

“I think it’s pretty incredible that he’s just 22 years old and he is doing his first IRONMAN, and I am very proud of him,” said Caron, Alexandre’s girlfriend.

They say they have witnessed firsthand the amount of training and commitment that went into this day.

“I watch Alex train very hard each day, he was doing his bike, and then he went to his job, do his job, then sometimes on lunch, get out, run, and he trained hard,” said Caron.

IRONMAN regional director Eric Atnip said for many athletes, knowing their supporters have their back makes all the difference.

“They have these support groups, and having that unit that follows them around to help them reach their goals, it’s important,” said Atnip. “It’s not just an individual journey, it’s a journey for whoever their close-knit group is.”

Atnip said every athlete has a different background, which makes the IRONMAN so unique.

"I think it's really different to each athlete, some people are out here with time goals, some people are out here just trying to find the finish line,” said Atnip. “Each one of them has their own story, which is what makes this really unique and special."

IRONMAN will be back in Tulsa next year and registration will open online soon.