Experts Recommend Preparing Safety Plan For Active Shooter Situation

Wednesday, May 25th 2022, 6:16 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

In the wake of the devastating mass shooting in south Texas, it is important to make sure people have a plan and know what to do, if it happens to them while at work or out in public areas.

The FBI and Homeland Security have created videos to help. Not for schools but for places like concerts, churches, movies and other places people gather. The videos urge three things.

They say the best chance for surviving an active shooter is run, hide and fight. Authorities said people need to plan ahead and talk to their family and friends about what to do. Safety experts said the minute people hear gun fire, the first thing they should do is run. They shouldn't assume it's a toy or fireworks. They should assume the worst and get as far away as possible from the gunfire, as fast as possible.

Homeland Security agents say many people tend to freeze and that makes people vulnerable and wastes precious time. Most people are killed in an active shooter situation within the first three to five minutes, so it's essential to act fast.

They say if you can't run away from the shooter, the next best option is to hide, but not under a desk or someplace without cover. Instead, barricade yourself in an office, bathroom, conference room and pile as many objects as you can in front of the door. Turn off your cell phones and get quiet.

Finally, if there is no other choice and the shooter is about to confront you, fight. Experts said it's best to attack the gun first, rather than the person. Get the barrel pointed away from people and if there's a group of you, all attack together.

Homeland security says whether you run, hide or fight, the most important thing is to commit to your decision, because it could mean difference between life or death.