Tulsa Police Investigate After Motorcyclist Killed During Chase

Tuesday, May 31st 2022, 5:14 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Tulsa Police are investigating after a man on a motorcycle sped away from a Skiatook Officer. The pursuit came into Tulsa to a construction zone near 31st and Peoria. It ended when the man and the officer crashed. The man on the motorcycle was killed.

Police said a lot of details are under investigation, including whether the officer hit the suspect first, or if the suspect crashed into construction equipment, then was hit by the officer.

Skiatook Police said one of their officers tried to pull over a man on a motorcycle for speeding Sunday evening in Skiatook, but he took off at high speeds and the officer followed, all the way to Tulsa.

Police said when he got to 31st and Peoria, in a construction zone, he and the officer crashed. The officer is also a paramedic and tried to save his life.

"It is a construction zone, it is unknown whether the suspect realized that until it was too late. There is a lot of construction equipment and signs that say do not enter, unfortunately the suspect went through the construction zone and our officer was behind him and followed,” said Officer Kimberly Okerson with Skiatook Police.

The Skiatook Officer asked for help from Tulsa Police during the chase, but TPD's policy doesn’t allow officers to pursue motorcyclists.

"This is a tragedy all around,” said Okerson. “Of course we never want a pursuit to end this way. The suspect made a lot of decisions that could have helped avoid this situation. It is a tragedy how it ended regardless. He put our officers in a tough spot and unfortunately it ended tragically."

Skiatook Police said they aren't sure yet why the officer continued the pursuit into Tulsa, and they don't want to speculate.

"There are a lot of details that are unknown at this point. Once Tulsa Police has their investigation completed it'll be quicker for us to get started on ours. because it heavily relies on what their findings will be,” said Okerson.

Two Skiatook officers, including the officer who crashed, have been placed on administrative leave.

Skiatook police said they are looking at their policies to see if any policies were violated and if any need to be changed.