Lottery or prize winner
If anyone calls you or emails you or writes you a letter and says you've won a prize, but, you need to pay them some money for any reason, it's a scam. If you legitimately win something, it will never cost you a penny.

Check cashing
If anyone ever asks you to cash a check for them... no matter what the reason... no matter how long you've talked to them over the internet or on the phone, don't do it. Those checks or money orders are bogus and once you cash it and send them the cash (minus your cut), the check bounces and you will be held liable for the entire amount and could be charged with a crime.

Your help is needed
If anyone asks you to open an account for them and offers to share money with you in exchange, it's a scam. They often tell you it's so they can make investments in the United States. These often originate from Nigeria or Canada, places notorious for scammers who target Americans.

Obituary Scam
If you lose a loved one and someone calls and says that person ordered something before they died, but, didn't have time to pay for it, hang up. It's not true and just their way of preying on you at a vulnerable time. Also, it's wise to keep someone at your home during funerals, because the dates and times are often printed in the paper and criminals will think the house is empty and it's a good time to strike.

Don't hire strangers
Don't hire anyone who comes to your door or approaches you in your yard and offers to trim your trees, fix your drive-way or roof or do any other handy work. If you need work done, get a referral from a family member, trusted friend or church member.

Bank examiner scam
No one from your bank or the police or any other agency will use your money for an investigation. If anyone claiming to be in law enforcement calls you and asks you to withdraw cash in order to help them catch a thief at your bank, don't do it and call police.

Pigeon drop
If one or two people approach you and say they've found a container full of money and law allows them to split it between you and them, but, you need to add cash of your own (to pay taxes, fees, etc), don't fall for it. You never need to add money of your own. If someone really finds unclaimed cash, turn it over to police and have 30 days, you get to keep it and it does not cost you a penny. These people often have a person claiming to be a bank employee call you to verify the story. They are all in it together.

People need money
If someone approaches you for money for a sick child, a broken down car, etc, do not give it to them. There are plenty of agencies in Green Country that can help these people. If you choose to give money, pick one of those trusted agencies. Do not give money to strangers who approach you in parking lots. As difficult as it may be, keep walking and explain you cannot help them.