Police are cracking down on New Year's Eve drunk drivers.  The News On 6's Ashli Sims reports as New Year's Eve parties are going into full swing around the city, law enforcement is in full force to make sure people ring in 2008 safely.  On New Year's Eve the highways can be a dangerous place.  Police say if you toast the New Year, do it responsibly or you could start 2008 by adding to the crime rate.

For the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, ringing in the New Year means reigning in a lot of Green Country drivers.

Trooper Matthew Hughart has an eye out for all traffic violators, but it is the season to pop a little bubbly so he's paying special attention to those who might have had a few too many.

"Unsafe lane changes following too closely erratic driving signs of driving under the influence is mainly what we're gonna be focusing on tonight," said Trooper Hughart.

Last New Year's Eve kept law enforcement pretty busy with several drivers crashing into 2007.  Police say alcohol was involved in those accidents which landed some drivers in jail, others in the hospital.

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety reports there were 49 alcohol or drug related crashes, injuring about 30 people, last New Year's Eve.  This year Trooper Hughart hopes more people will hand off the keys to a designated driver.

"Always have a designated driver if you're gonna go out and have a good time. Have somebody that's not going to drink any alcohol at all, not even one or two. That doesn't count. No alcohol at all," said Trooper Hughart.

Trooper Hughart says if you spot someone who is driving recklessly, give OHP a call.

"Star 55. Call us. Tell us about it. See if we can find them and get them off the road before they cause a collision or cause somebody or themselves to get hurt," said Trooper Hughart.

While there are usually plenty of drunk driving arrests on New Year's Eve, Christmas and Thanksgiving both see more DUI's.  So you need to be careful all year long.