The News On 6 has learned more about a man who led police on a high speed chase across three counties on Wednesday. The suspect, 26-year-old Adam Shotwell, was killed after he lost control of his car during the chase. The News On 6's Ashli Sims reports Adam Shotwell was just released from prison about 18 months ago. He was to appear in court next week on a charge of lewd molestation.

After leading police on a high-speed chase across three counties, 26-year-old Adam Shotwell ended up dead near the Mayes County line. His stolen car battered. The tires ripped to shreds. His body was thrown 150 feet.

"We were trying to make sure the pursuit ended. Three of the four tires were definitely down. There were shots being fired, so he was endangering people's lives," said Oklahoma Highway Patrol Captain Jack McCoy.

Officers say this whole ordeal started Tuesday night, when Shotwell stole a green Ford Mustang in Tulsa County. Sand Springs police say he was in that car Wednesday morning, when he drove off from a gas station without paying for his fuel. They tracked him down near Highway 64, and that's when the chase began.

"During the pursuit, officers were fired on by the suspect. A Sand Springs police car and a Tulsa police car were hit by gunfire," said Sand Springs Assistant Police Chief Mike Carter.

Three patrol cars were hit, no one was hurt. Rogers County Sheriff's deputies even threw down stop sticks, but even that didn't slow Shotwell. Officers say he was going about 100 mph when they think he lost control.

This wasn't Shotwell's first brush with the law. In Creek County, he pled guilty to second degree burglary in 2002. He served two years in prison for that crime.

In Tulsa County, he was convicted of forgery in 2003. And most recently, he was charged in Osage County. A spokesperson with the district attorney's office says Shotwell is accused of picking up two 13-year-old girls, taking them to his home and giving them alcohol and marijuana. He's accused of molesting one of those teens.

Shotwell's chase ended with him hurting only himself.

Sand Springs Police, Tulsa Police, Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Rogers County Sheriff's deputies were also involved in the chase.