Folks drive by J. J.'s Gourmet Burgers all the time and see the sign "Open Tuesday through Friday, 11 a.m.-1 p.m."  So does that mean this guy only works eight hours a week?  We decided to find out.

"I've done everything I can do to minimize and not get big," said Jerry Conley, charismatic owner of J. J.'s Gourmet Burgers.

Not something you usually hear from a successful business owner, but then again Jerry Conley is anything but usual and so are his hours.

"Two hours a day, 4 days a week you have to put your eight hours in that's how I do it," said Conley with a chuckle.

That work ethic has kept this burger joint in business for 38 years, and that's without advertising.

"I don't like crowds I like everyone getting plenty of time and enjoying their meal," said Conley. 

So what keeps the customers coming back? Just ask Phil Dunbar who's been a fan of the place for more than 16 years.

"I need a good burger. I come in probably twice a week sometimes three times because this is the best burger I've had anywhere in the world," said Dunbar.

So what makes this burger so unique?

"Its ground prime rib, so that's why it's so good. And the heat of the grill," said J. J.'s cook.

First time customer Monica Graves was impressed.

"It's an incredible burger it's awesome! The seasoning was amazing, very juicy meat and bun that's all you need," said Graves.

While the food is memorable, the décor is what makes this place a true Tulsa landmark.

"It's that front room living room effect it's kind of California eclectic with collectibles on the floors and ceilings. People give me things-sometimes strange things," remarked Conley.  "I've cut the parking lot in half, I don't take checks or credit cards and I cut down on my hours and I took out the phone."

So if you are looking for a dining experience like none other in Tulsa, you won't be disappointed with J. J. Gourmet; that is if you have cash and manage to make it before one o'clock.

By Margaret Stokes, anchor & Chris Howell, Video Journalist