If you need a tree trimmer or debris removal or a roofer, you can find a name and number on a sign at just about every intersection.  A coworker told News On 6 reporter Rick Wells he had actually seen a sign for the guy who makes signs.  The sign guy has been so busy since the ice storm, he still has his Christmas decorations up.

Steve Laake's front yard is full of Christmas decorations, his garage workshop is full of corrugated plastic yard signs ready to be picked up and put out.

"Since the ice storm, I've made 12 or 15 hundred signs," said Laake.

His clients are local businesses letting folks know who they are and what they do.  The signs are at intersections and along the road.  He has his own signs out and signs about where to get more signs.  He has received a good response locally, but also a lot from out of town.

"I'm getting orders from New York City, tree trimmers are here from Minnesota, Orlando, Florida.  Yesterday a guy came in and ordered from Ft Lauderdale, from Arkansas-all over the country," said Laake.

The process starts on the computer in his office where he creates the design.  The letters are cut into vinyl that is eventually transferred to clear plastic, which then becomes the proof to make the silk screen.  Then the signs are screen printed one at a time by hand, he lets them dry then prints the other side.

"I enjoy making the signs.  I do banners, business cards all kinds of stuff," said Laake.

For now it's tree trimmers and clean up companies getting all the action.  He says Spring is high season for yard signs because of all the lawn and landscape companies.

Spring's not that far off, if business keeps booming he may have to print up signs asking for help with Christmas decorations.