Police arrested Washington County treasurer Stan Stevens after they say he bought prescription pain pills from a police informant.  The News On 6's Chris Wright reports Stevens was arraigned on Saturday afternoon and faces possession charges.  Police believe he was part of a larger drug ring.

Looking every bit the elected official, 51-year-old Stan Stevens has served as Washington County treasurer for years.  So Bartlesville police were surprised to learn he was buying and may have been dealing an addictive prescription painkiller called Loritab.

"I think the community will be in a level of shock.  I don't think they were expecting it, we weren't expecting it," said Bartlesville Police Chief Tom Holland.

Holland says his department has been working on the case since December.  That's when the husband of the secretary for the Washington County Board of Commissioners killed himself.  It was during that investigation, police say they discovered evidence of Steven's involvement with drugs and officers say there may be others.

Chief Holland says Stevens arrest in Bartlesville is just the beginning.  He expects several more people to be taken into custody in connection with the case.

"I think there are more people involved.  I think more people could be charged in this.  Probably as many as four to six when this is over with," said Holland.

Stevens is listed as living in this home on Jefferson Place in Bartlesville.  No one answered the door when The News On 6 crew arrived, but neighbors say he and his wife are separated, and Stevens has not lived there for the past year.

Bartlesville authorities handed him over to Washington County on Saturday for arraignment.  Chief Holland says this case will be difficult for everyone involved, but hopes it sends the message that no one is above the law.
"This is an elected official. He has the trust of the people.  We've known him for years, it's just an unfortunate set of circumstances," said Holland.

Bartlesville authorities say Stevens was arrested at the commissioners' secretary's home on Friday night.

Police say none of the other individuals who may face drug charges are county employees.

Stevens' bond was set at $100,000.  Washington County says he remains in jail as of Saturday night.

Stevens' 18-year-old son Grant Stevens was also arrested Friday for possession of cocaine within 2,000 feet of a park with intent to distribute.  Bartlesville Police say the two cases are unrelated.