Late Monday afternoon, state agriculture experts decided to reinstate the
ban for most of the state.

s are
ing across much of Oklahoma as the ground dries out and the strong

winds return.

So far, no homes have
ed, but one of today's
s came dangerously close to a home near Kiefer.

News on 6 reporter Jennifer Loren says the
began along a road and quickly spread across a field,
ing all the way up to a house.

The woman who lives there is married to a Kiefer Firefighter.

She didn't even know about it until someone called and said the field next to her house was

By the time she got outside, a shed next to the house was
ing and the flames were headed straight for her door.

"We came out the garage and it was already, I mean, already coming," says Shelley Blankenship. "You could feel the heat. It was in the front yard. It was coming so fast. The wind out here is always blowing and it was coming so fast I know the house was going to be gone."

Firefighters are not sure what started this
, although they're speculating it may have been a cigarette.

Most of Monday's
s though have been caused by unattended
piles set after the Governor lifted the
ban last week.