A 16-year-old Chickasha student was arrested after police stopped him for driving almost 50 in a 30 mile per hour zone.

But, it wasn't speeding that landed him in handcuffs. It was a can of chewing tobacco officers spotted in the console.

Monday afternoon, Michael Williams was driving his brother and sister home in Chickasha when he was stopped for speeding

Police reports say the officer noticed a container of tobacco in the console. Michael admited it was his, and was arrested for possession of tobacco by a minor.

"I was dumbfounded I was going to get arrested over dip," Michael says. "He told me to open the door. I opened the door, and he pushed me up against my truck and handcuffed me and put me in the back seat of his car."

Michael's siblings were still in the car - his 12 year old brother visably upset.

Michael says, "The cop let him come back and rolled the window down so I could talk to him and try to calm him down just a little bit."

Michael's father can't understand why his son was arrested, handcuffed, fingerprinted and photograhed - all for a container of tobacco.

"Apparently with the Chickasha Police Department, this is a major offense. Just like if he would have had drugs, alcohol, or anything else in the vehicle," says Michael's father Mike Williams.

Chickasha police say Michael was arrested because a 16-year-old cannot legally have tobacco.

Chickasha Police Assistant Chief Keith Springstead says, "The officer witnessed a violation of state and city violation and took action as he would on any occasion."

Both Michael and his parents agree Michael should not have been speeding and should not of had tobacco and for that he is being pushished at home.

In fact, Michael won't be using his truck for a while since he is grounded.

"I've had my driver's license for 14 days," Michael says, "and it's pretty fun until you get pulled over."

Chickasha police say they've arrested four kids for having tobacco so far this year.

12 kids were arrested for having tobacco last year.