Tulsa Police say the man who they think murdered a 10-year-old girl fits the profile of others who have committed that crime. This just the day after Tulsa Police arrested Daniel Arlen Johnson in connection with the kidnapping, rape and murder of Elizabeth Wagoner.

News on 6 reporter Jennifer Loren says when police originally found the body of Elizabeth Wagoner, they knew it could be a lengthy investigation.

They immediately got their hands on a profile of 600 other criminals who've committed these kinds of crimes in the past. That could help them narrow their search. But before police even had the chance to do that, a fingerprint led them to their suspect, Daniel Arlen Johnson.

Thursday, detectives got a 50-page report on Johnson's background. They say it's an amazingly good match with the profiles of those other criminals who have been convicted of similar crimes. He's separated from his wife, unemployed, works odd construction-type jobs and lived in the right proximity to the victim and to the site her body was dumped. All of those factors, plus many more, are common links in men who have kidnapped, raped and murdered before. Tulsa Police Sgt. Mike Huff: "This thing just fell right into a profile of what we thought we were going to be looking for is what we found."

Detectives say they're looking into Johnson's criminal history in Louisiana. They plan to put his information on the FBI database for all law enforcement agencies to see. They say they have no reason to believe he's done this before, but if he has, this new information will help.

Donations in Elizabeth Wagoner's memory may be made to the Elizabeth Wagoner Fund at any Tulsa Teacher's Credit Union office.