A developing story just across the Oklahoma border in Kansas. Five teenagers are in custody, accused of plotting a murderous rampage at their high school in Riverton. They were arrested after getting tips from students and from postings on a web site.

The plan was discovered before anyone got hurt. News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan has the story from Riverton.

Authorities say a credible threat was averted in Riverton, Kansas, after a tip came in that several high school students were plotting a massacre. Some students heard the rumors Tuesday - and it was enough of a warning for some parents to keep their children home. Freshman Jordan Adams: "When we got into the commons area it was more sullen than usual and the hallways were quiet, it wasn't a normal school a lot more quiet."

Authorities searched the lockers of the suspects and say they found references to Armageddon. At one of their homes - they found guns and ammunition. Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline: "There are two 16 year old, 2 17 year olds, and one 18 year, they're all white males.” The five teenaged suspects will go to court Friday at the Cherokee County courthouse.

Authorities say they haven't decided what to charge them with, or whether they will face trial as adults.

Sheriff's deputies stood guard at the school all day Thursday, but say they believe the threat is over. Cherokee County Sheriff Steve Norman: "The implications and the implied threats were centered towards a couple of the students attending school here and an implied threat against a school teacher."

School is open Friday, as the investigation continues into why the alleged threats were made.

Authorities say the teens planned to wear black trench coats and disable the schools' camera system. The attack was going to start between 12 Noon and 1 PM.

The suspects had apparently been planning the attack since the beginning of the school year.